Like to Help?

Besides monetary donations, which help keeps us up and running along with providing for our causes, our team is currently collecting the following items to help with each of our causes.

Clothing/Shoes: We accept gently used clothing and shoes of all sizes and for all ages. Below are just some of the items we could use:

Coats                           Shirts                           Sneakers

PJs                               Work Boots                 Sweatshirts/pants

Socks                           Robes                          Boots

Jeans                            Undergarments           Dress Shoes

Pants                           Sweaters                      Slippers

Baby Items:

Diapers                        Wipes                          Blankets

Pants                           Shirts                           Onesies

Shoes                           Socks                           New Bottles

Non-Perishable Food Items:

Juice Boxes                 Granola Bars               Pasta and Sauce

Raisins/Dried Fruit     Cookies/Crackers        Breakfast Bars

Pop Tarts                     Fruit/Pudding Cups     Fruit Rollups or Fruit Snacks

PB Crackers                Cheese Crackers          Jerky

Rice                             Trail Mix                     Nuts

PB&J Sandwiches      Bottled Water             Cup-A-Noodles

Instant Soups              Mac & Cheese             Baby Food

Hot Chocolate             Cereal/Oatmeal           Canned Goods

Tuna salad cracker kits


Bandaids                           Tissues                           Deodorant

EmergenC, Airborne         Multivitamins                  Lip balm/Chapstick

First Aid Kits                      Lotion                            Towels/Wash Cloths

Sunscreen                         Soap                             Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

Wet Wipes                        Shampoo                       Conditioner

Adult Diapers                    Feminine Products        Razors

Pet Items:  Along with what is listed on our “Never FURgotten” page, we are also collecting:

Dog food (all types)    Cat food (all types)     Toys and Treats for dogs and cats

Paper Towels              Paper Plates                Kitty Litter (non-clumping)

Blankets                      Bleach                         Leashes/Collars


Other Needed Items:

Hand Can Openers      Thermoses                   Flashlights

Headlamps                  Hand Warmers            Foot Warmers

Pocketbooks                Backpacks                   Puzzle Books for all ages

Paper Lunch Bags       Wallets                        Totes

Trash Bags                  Dishes                         Utensils

Pots/Pans                    Comforters                  Sheet Sets

Inspirational Hand Written Notes

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